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For the past decade, arts and cultural education has been an important area of learning in terms of global, European and national concern. Various studies conducted into these areas have confirmed that arts and cultural education contributes significantly to young people’s motivation and creativity, thus laying the foundations for a creative and productive society. National as well as international experts have come to the realisation that the experience of children and the youth with quality arts and cultural education is crucial for their integrated development, which is why it is preeminent to enable their familiarisation with different forms of art and thus diverse modes of expression and communication (verbal, non-verbal, visual, musical …).


The aim of the Cultural Bazaar, organised jointly by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, as well as numerous Slovenian cultural institutions, is to provide information on cultural events taking place throughout Slovenia and stimulate interest in the arts and cultural education. Since 2009, when the Bazaar was initiated, the Executive Producer of Cultural Bazaar, by now a well-established event, has been Cankarjev dom Ljubljana. Taking place in Cankarjev dom, and spread all over its three foyers, the one-day fair hosts almost 300 cultural institutions as well as numerous Slovenian artists. Within the scope of the Bazaar, numerous lectures, workshops and panel discussions are held. Everyone can attend the guided theatre performances, concerts, dance shows, film screenings or exhibition tours, and enjoy the performances by various artists or art ensembles - visit Gallery.


The Cultural Bazaar aims to:

– Offer information on quality projects and programmes, provided by cultural institutions for children and the youth;
– Encourage cooperation and partnerships between cultural institutions, preschool institutions, basic and upper-secondary schools as well as partnerships between cultural institutions;
– Enhance the awareness about the significance of culture and the arts in education as well as society at large;
– Inform the public on the positive benefits of quality arts and cultural education for children and the youth or preschool institutions and schools.

Cultural Bazaar has been organised as a form of professional training for professional staff from educational and from cultural organizations who are involved in arts and cultural education. Since 2011 the Bazaar is also open to all culture enthusiasts, especially children and the young people as well as their parents. Find out more about the Reasons to attend.

The event also presents diverse options of implementing educational activities for preschool children and pupils within the scope of preschool or school curriculum (the arts and cultural education as a cross-curricular content) as well as extended activities, which are organized so that children and youth can spend their free time in a quality and creative way. Professional educators and the general public are informed about the latest scientific findings on arts and cultural education, as well as significant global and European documents. Find out more in Literature.


Each year we produce a catalogue of cultural education programmes and projects, published in Slovenian. Nevertheless, numerous cultural institutes feature an English version of their websites. Why not browse through the 2017/2018 catalogue here.

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